About EventMedia


EventMedia is an Integrative Research Project (IRP) within the PetaMedia Network of Excellence. In this project we intend to develop an event-based approach for users to explore, annotate and share events through different media. Our approach is based on the PetaMedia triple synergy paradigm (user-contributed tags/data, social peer-to-peer technology and multimedia content analysis).

The overall goal of EventMedia is to provide a web-based environment that allows users to discover meaningful, surprising or entertaining connections among events. We will use a knowledge base of events from event directories linked to the LOD cloud, in conjunction with an event ontology. Furthermore, events will be enriched with social peer 2 peer metadata to explore relevancy in the context of different user tasks. The approach is user-driven and will investigate interfaces that explore linkages between users, multimedia content and events.



1. Definition of an overall concept based on the user interests and needs while exploring events through different media. The concept should aggregate media sources, social P2P and meta data enrichment and will be illustrated through a horizontal low-fi prototype.

2. Modeling of an Event ontology, represented in OWL/RDF, compatible with other event models, together with a knowledge base of events, obtained from large event directories and linked to the LOD cloud (using common tags to structure and assure interoperability of the metadata).

3. User centered design and implementation of a web-based environment for annotating media content with events and for exploring media collection based on the dimensions composing an event and social user profiles.


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